Here we are again.. thanks to a slap in the face from blogger recovery

I have been known to write randomly, on paper or in my head. I have random verses and thoughts here and there. Recently, I have decided to consolidate what little of my past scribblings I could find. That's what the past few post have been about. Scrapes I've gathered.

If you have been observant enough to notice the time stamp (I believe most will not notice and here I am bringing attention to an otherwise unnoticeable detail), you will see that everything has been posted today. That's right! Because this is not my first attempt at consolidation. I am not sure if I were drunk when I made my previous blog but I can't remember my gmail account that goes with it and thus I'm effectively locked out. I've exhausted all avenues and have decided to just make another blog.

For some stupid reason I can no longer remember (I can only blame myself) I decided to set up a new email address just for the blog. Of course the address I wanted was not available and they gave me some alternative. I picked one and promptly forgot all about it. I remember the password though, but what good is a key when you can't find the lock to slot it into. So here I was staring at my blogger log in screen where I had to enter my username and password, username being the email address I used to sign up for the account.Crap!

I thought, "never mind, there are recover options". Boy, was I wrong. 

I clicked on "Can't access your account?" tab which brought me to

So I typed in the my blog url and clicked lookup. I got,

It used to be that they will actually hint you your linked account but now (apparently due to hacking issues) you get the hint of " Email was sent to your gmail.com account. I mean the security is definitely improved but it now offers no more options for people who only remember their password (the key) and not their email address (the lock). It's like saying let me give you a hint, it a lock somewhere in Singapore as opposed to somewhere in the world. The hint definitely narrowed the parameters but they might as well not have bothered. It used to say email has been sent to xzy @ gamil . com which is really helpful for people who forgot their linked email addresses.

I tried everything, including all other recovery methods, only to go on a wild goose chase. I tried blogs, I tried forums, I tried help centre. The conclusion was that it was my own responsibility to keep control of my blog. I totally concede to that, but the recovery method available that wasn't actually a recovery method was like a slap in the face. Like a nee-nee-ne-poo-poo, you lost your linked email, to bad for you! Agrr.

Anyway, I decided it was just must faster to start anew since I have very little content in the previous. Sorry I tried to save a bit of data bandwidth for blogger/google. I mean without access to the previous blog, I can't even delete it. It's just wasting space and a url but who am I to question the great google and it's SOPs. There is also no way to email someone or provide feedback it seems so it is what it is and time for me to move it.

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